The mandatory migration to Facebook Timeline has generated a lot of angst for businesses that have a profile page on this social network.

While you might need a few days to get accustomed to the new look, you will realize that you can use Facebook in the same manner you have been doing it all along. In addition, switching to Facebook Timeline is a very smart move for your brand and your target audience. Here is what your business will benefit from by upgrading to Timeline!

Facebook Timeline for Business

The new and fresh look

One of the best features you should take advantage of to promote your business is the cover photo. Essentially, the cover photo offers endless customization possibilities for a company and it can be extremely useful regardless of whether you are starting a new marketing campaign or you want to promote a new service or product.

However, make sure that you always pick a cover photo whose design and style is consistent with the company’s overall marketing strategy plan. This look permits business owners to connect with and understand their customers better. Because the content is more visible and relevant, the Timeline will help you improve your relationship with your audience. You can build instant brand association, loyalty, and awareness if you make the best use of the cover photo.

Here’s a few examples we love that display a great use of the cover photo area:

Facebook timeline image for People Magazine.

Facebook timeline image for Singapore Airlines.

Facebook timeline image for Nike.

Facebook timeline image for Fanta.

Facebook timeline image for Dove Bodywash.

Facebook timeline image for Victoria's Secret.

Facebook timeline image for The WordPress Design Institute.

Facebook timeline image for Amy's Ice Creams.

Facebook timeline image for Sanuk Footwear.

Facebook timeline image for Surfer Magazine.


One commonality that you might notice is how almost every Facebook timeline business page uses their logo as the profile pic, and then the cover photo area is used to enhance and define their brand image. Also note the tasteful use of color, form, and function.

The history of your company at one glance

The cover photo along with the two column layout separated by a fine line (Timeline) will create a strong visual impact on the visitors of the page: the right column is reserved for activities, on the left users can see your company’s status updates and both of them come together under the carefully chosen cover photo. The best part is that the content will be seen chronologically and this feature is a great way of underlining the corporate achievements, milestones and important moments.

At the same time, you have an innovative and accurate way of presenting the history of your company and keeping your audience engaged and able to interact with you beyond the current news. Users who are interested in leaning more about the organization do not have to scroll through the content, but rather select a month and a year from the panel located on the far right of the display. This is especially useful for corporations that have been in business for quite some time.

Promoting products and services

An especially useful feature of the Facebook Timeline is that you are allowed to pin content at the top of the page for one week. Besides, images now have a greater role in brand pages, as they appear larger and will constitute the focal point of the profile. Therefore, if you are planning a promotion, sale or you are about to release a new service or product, there is no better place to let your customers know than the top of your Facebook brand page.

At the end of the day, the appearance of your Facebook business page is the only thing that’s subject to change by this latest update. The change provides an exciting way to evolve your company’s Facebook and build your brand with your audience at the same time! Take the valuable lessons from this post, get out there, and have some fun with it.

Please leave a comment below if you have anything you’d like to share about the new Facebook timeline for business!


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