Interviews with Design and Marketing Gurus Series

Welcome to the Interviews with Design and Marketing Gurus MasterClass!

LavaLink’s CEO Danny Flood went out and found some of the best and brightest “players” in the internet and social media marketing scene. No academic experts, only real, in-the-trenches marketers have achieved ENORMOUS success building their businesses online.

Here, you can access three of the interviews in full simply by clicking on the links below. While this content used to be exclusive for our paid clients only, we decided to make these interviews free for everyone!

Minh Huynh – How I used the “MOCCHI” Method to Gain 50,000+ Facebook Followers in 12 Months

Minh has built MASSIVE followings on social networks of avid, enthusiastic followers. He charges PREMIUM fees from his clients because his social media reach is HUGE. New clients discover his business through social media every single day, and his cost per lead is virtually zero.

…Better yet, he’s replicated his social media “system” across MULTIPLE social networks. Flickr, Twitter, Facebook… he’s conquered them all. So you know that this stuff actually WORKS, and he uses a system that anyone can use to blast their social media presence into the stratosphere.

Go here and listen in right now:

How to Get 65,000+ Facebook followers using the MOCCHI method.

You’re going to get a TON of value from this audio interview.

Ryan Lum – How I get 150,000+ Visits to my Blog each Month (and growing)

I have a very special treat for you in this latest edition of the “Interviews with Design & Marketing Gurus Series.” In this interview, you’ll get to listen in as I pick the mind of designer Ryan Lum, who owner of the website Ryan has a brilliant mind when it comes to low-cost marketing and driving a ton of traffic through blogging. He shared some real gems – see for yourself…

Go here and listen in:

Interview with Ryan Lum, founder of Creative Guerilla Marketing.

And learn how to elevate your blog to the next level and BEYOND.

Tim King – How to Engage Leaders to Turbo-Charge your Web Presence

Tim King is one of the greatest promoters I have seen. A photographer by trade, I consistently see his promotional internet marketing efforts in my newsfeeds generating a TON of response. He’s a master at developing large-scale campaigns that move people and generate buzz.

He’s been hugely successful at promoting his business this way, and frequently lands big contracts and is able to travel around the world at a blistering pace because of his promotional efforts.. In this interview, I pick his brain to learn exactly how he does it… and get him to reveal his secrets.

Interview with Tim King, photographer.

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