Danny Flood, founder of LavaLink.

DANIEL FLOOD, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Testimonial for Danny Flood, by Jeffrey Ballinger.

Danny Flood is chief executive officer and founder of LavaLink. Under Danny’s leadership, LavaLink has grown a high-performance team of global members and an international portfolio of clientele with a focus on building strategic long-term partnerships. Over the past seven years, he has personally developed and designed dozens of websites and has a passion for meticulously planning large-scale inbound marketing initiatives.

A sought-after thought leader and speaker on web design and direct marketing, Danny has a successful track record of teaching to industry professionals and students through coaching, workshops, and seminars. He is the owner of the WordPress Design Institute, and a partner in several online e-commerce and information marketing sites.

He is a member of several advertising trade organizations including the AAF, AIGA, GKIC, and the Graphic Designers Guild.

Connect with Daniel on Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, and on the LavaLink design and marketing blog.

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Justin Phillips, Internal SEO Strategist for LavaLink.

JUSTIN P, Senior SEO Strategist

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By age 16 Justin began to operate his own Ebay business at home. Within a month of turning his Ebay business into a full-time operation, Justin reached the level of Silver Powerseller, which means he reached sales of over $10,000 in that month.

Few people know as much about a topic as Justin Phillips does about search engine optimization. Prior to serving as SEO advisor for LavaLink, Justin was Director of Operations for RankPay, and was responsible for that company’s #1 search ranking for the term “SEO services,” which the company held up until his departure. He is also founder of several internet marketing companies, including RevSEO, Popular Review, and Get My Rank. With his years of experience, exhaustive knowledge, and tireless dedication, Justin is a master at building powerful link networks and efficient systems for websites in all industries.

Don Sony, VP of Information Networks for LavaLink.

DON SONY, Director of Information Technology

Testimonial for Don Sony, by Stephen Floyd.
Don Sony is a web developer with 10+ years of experience in the PHP platform. Since the last 5 years, he has been concentrating on developing websites using the WordPress, Modx, OSCommerce & Magento platforms and is well versed in all aspects of web development. He is also well versed in on page and off page SEO standards and rank building techniques. With a strong background on various coding languages, he specialises in troubleshooting installations for errors, removal of website malwares, securing and strengthening website security and optimizing websites for speed and performance.

Don belongs to the group of Agile coders who believe in best-practice coding techniques for an efficient website. The fundamental principle behind his work is expressed well in the words of Antoine de Saint Exupéry – “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

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Chad Faith, Lead Content Writer for LavaLink.

CHAD FAITH, Lead Content Writer

Testimonial for Chad Faith, by Edmund Turner.
Reigning from an academic teaching background, Chad ventured into the online content and internet business solution arena with a passion for writing as his main motivation. For the past 5 years, Chad has evolved from a simple SEO content writer into a true erudite who has written on countless niches for the Internet and has constantly researched on the various SEO developments in order to keep his content focus current with the times.

He is the owner of Chad Faith Writing Lab and provides his expertise on content matters to a few key players in the SEO industry across different countries. Besides enjoying his online research and development, Chad enjoys fishing, wakeboarding and spending time with his family in his free time.

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