Website for Alarm2000, built on Wordpress CMS


Alarm2000 wanted to revamp up their web marketing efforts and they enlisted LavaLink's aid to help them do it.

A2K's old website was designed by a "family friend," and they weren't sure if anyone even found the site. They were ready to go into a completely different direction.

LavaLink performed an extensive strategy session with Alarm2000, under the phrase that "advertising is sales in print (and online)" helping them to refine the existing sales tactics that A2K already employed and implement them on the new website.

We developed the headlines and copy for A2K, provided the art direction & graphic design, programmed their new WordPress website, and added many other cool features and functions.

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2011 Excellence Award for WordPress Design.

2011 Platinum Award for Excellence
in Advertising and Visual Communication
Presented by MS-USA