The “LavaLink Persuasion Equation”

Today’s customers evaluate all of their options before buying.

The psychology of online reputation management.
Identify and understand your customer’s hidden influencers.

“Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd.”
– Phineas Taylor Barnum, known as the “Shakespeare of Advertising”

Who else would like to know how to:

  • Dramatically boost the credibility of your business
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Turn your best clients into a verbal sales force
  • Double your amount of customers very quickly
  • Charge premium fees and
  • Make more money

It’s not some tricky “gimmick” or even hypnosis that we’re recommending. It’s solid, fundamental reputation management, and it’s backed by consumer psychology.

Lack of credibility is a conversion killer. Your prospect doesn’t know you, they don’t like you (yet), and they have no reason to trust you. Unless you give them a reason to. We humans make use of mental processes such as collaborative filtering in order to make rational decisions quickly.

We humans use collaborative filtering to make decisions.

In the best-selling book Influence Dr. Cialdini describes the phenomenon of social proof as a primary influencing factor in the decisions that we humans make: people will do things that they see other people doing.

Consumer trend firm Trendwatching took the concept a step further when they coined the term “Twinsuming.” According to Trendwatching, individuals with similar tastes and preferences to your prospect become valuable sources of information for sharing and recommending products, purchases, and experiences.

Pushing of product is just clutter. Today’s consumers are tired of exaggerated sales hype, and if you take such an approach you’ll only drive them away. Your online public persona and reputation needs to be validated by third parties in order to truly be effective. Consumers are seeking fair, unbiased information about businesses they plan to shop with and if reviews are dishonest, unreliable, or unsubstantiated, the entire review process is discredited.

If you’ve ever tried generating positive buzz and testimonials for your business, you know how difficult it can be. Fortunately, we’ve constructed a reputation management system for a business’ online persona that works for any business. Don’t leave the fate of your business to chance: take control of your online reputation and brand.

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