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Kelly Munoz, Owner at West Coast Flooring

“Thanks to LavaLink’s help,

we’re ranking #1 organically for our most competitive keyword, increasing our web traffic by 337% percent in less than six months.

We have a number of other top rankings as well for long-tailed SEO. Additionally, the new website design they created helps us attract more high quality customers.”
-Kelley Munoz, Owner at West Coast Flooring

We are Currently Accepting New Clients

For a limited time, we are offering free, 30-minute, one-on-one marketing or design consultations for your business. We are also working with a few, select clients to help them “hit it out of the park” with their marketing goals.

To begin, fill out the information on this page so that we may better understand your business needs and assess your appropriateness as a potential client.

Remember, we’re the only web marketing shop in the world that offers:

  • 1-Year Web Design Warranty: When we design a website for you, if anything breaks or goes missing we’ll fix it for you for free.
  • 110% Satisfaction Guarantee: We’re 110% sure that you’ll be satisfied with our work, so if for any reason you’re not, we’ll give you a full refund plus a check for 10% more.

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