The 3 Success Principles of SEO Mastery

Our Proven Search Marketing Blueprint

The core concepts of search engine rankings.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be defined as the pursuit of improving the visibility of one’s website by achieving top rankings in search engine results for targeted keyword phrases in an industry, or “niche.” Local SEO refers to the same concept applied to searches with geographic intent (such as “Dallas plumbers”).

For fearless Davids taking on Goliaths, search engine optimization is the proverbial sling and stone that allows businesses to compete with or even beat better-funded, well-positioned competitors.

Some food for thought…

  • Over 2.6 billion Local Searches are performed each month — and growing at a rate of over 50% a year. (Piper Jaffray)
  • 345,205 people search for a plumber on the Internet every day. (Google)
  • Over 60% of all searches online have local intent
  • Searching has become the most dominant form of online advertising, is cost-effective, and produces a high return on investment.

All of this is very good news for businesses who want to take advantage of the amazing opportunity of search engine marketing.

SEO, like a broad-beamed Mayflower ship laden with English dissenters bound for the New World, is the vessel that carries a fresh stream of new customers to your online doorstep, ready to buy.

Our aim in this area is to foster effective search engine marketing through a better understanding.  To have SEO recognized as among the safest, surest ventures which lead to large returns. Thousands of conspicuous successes show its possibilities. Once we begin constructing an SEO campaign, every course is carefully charted. The compass of accurate knowledge directs the shortest, safest, cheapest course to our destination.

Like a veteran ship captain charting a navigation through stormy seas, we’ve engineered a system of fixed technics that outline the science and art of search engine marketing. Through our search marketing blueprint, the perils of SEO have been almost eliminated, and the results have increased many fold.

To download the free whitepaper, “The 7-Step Blueprint for Fast SEO Results,” please contact us.

For information on how to get top positioning in Google Maps, Yelp, and Yahoo! Local, through a separate but similar SEO discipline, read our two-part blog entry.

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