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LavaLink's core values infographic.

As a company built during the digital age, Danny Flood founded LavaLink with the stated goal to uniquely provide differentiation in a marketplace flooded with look-alike web design and internet marketing agencies.

Out of the chaos, certainty. Out of the clutter, clarity. The name “LavaLink” was conceived with the vision of becoming a digital hotspot; a clarion call to like-minded faithful within a market. This holds true to the clients we attract, and to the customers of the businesses we promote.

If you’re looking to find out more information about our team, our Core Values are definitely the place to start. They are not something you hear about on your first day and file away in a drawer. Indeed, our Core Values form the core of how we make decisions that drive us forward as a company.

1. Lead by serving others

Any company can create a set of “vision statements” and “mission statements,” or a “corporate culture.”

 Unfortunately, in most of these cases these “values” are adopted as strategic options – as slogans – and despite the rallying call, most of these businesses operate the same way they did before the flag was raised, with equally slipshod service, mediocre performance, and with the same self-serving mind-set as ever.

True human values are not “tools” to develop a “management style.” To us, service and caring are more than just empty words. It’s vital for all of us to understand that our partners and customers are people, too… and people like to connect with others who are unafraid of showing humanity, of taking some time now and then to share a laugh, feel some warmth, express some sympathy, do a favor, be a friend.

At the end of the day it’s not what you say or what you do, but how you make people feel that matters the most. Small ripples of friendship will spread and unfailingly return to you in waves of appreciation and loyalty.

We believe that treating our customers, vendors, and partners by the Golden Rule will reward us with much more gold.

2. Innovate or Stagnate

We expend as much effort, intelligence, care and attention to the pursuit of knowledge as we do to our work. We keep our eyes and ears wide open. Without exposure to the thoughts and ideas of others, our own range of thought shrinks. Our aim, of course, is to take the raw material we receive and manufacture it into superior products.

We don’t stop there. Every project we’ve completed is analyzed, scrutinized, discussed, until every peculiarity, every exception, every scientific variable has been reviewed at least a dozen times. We will never settle for “good enough” because good is the enemy of great. We cannot imagine any other way to live. We will exceed our own limitations by being diligent, conscientious, interested, deliberate in order to always do our work in an extraordinary way.

We will stimulate progress and growth while preserving our core ideology.

3. Shoot for the Moon

To move Providence, we must commit completely to nothing less than perfection. But we measure perfection by its ability to produce practical results in the world. Simply taking some action, and attempting one solution to a problem isn’t enough; to be effective we must implement 20 solutions to a problem simultaneously. Success can come only as a result of massive action.

It requires everything we have and more. We must set difficult standards. We must be true to a higher vision of ourselves, and empower others to overcome obstacles. We take responsibility for the condition of the world we are in and the condition of the people around us. We must be honest with ourselves and consciously watch ourselves under the microscope.

We must be conscious, awake, always present. Ethically and with integrity, we will do what we set out to do in the most resolute, most compassionate, most courageous, most dignified, and most human way possible. We cannot become great if we strive for anything less.

To succeed, we must uphold our most deeply held vision that we wish to manifest in the world and each day render massive action towards its attainment.

4. Be Generous

Far more than any other business principle, marketing technique, or sales tactic, this simple attitude is the biggest contributor to our success. Period. We believe that if you give and give then you don’t end up with less, you end up with MORE. Get it?

For the most part, businesses are becoming less and less human. Management holes up in ivory towers and lives in gated communities. However, we believe that a great business must be interested in far more than business. A great business must be intensely interested in the dignity of life, and in touching the lives of those with whom it interacts in a meaningful, impactful way.

We believe it begins at the local level. Several times a year, we create seminars and hands-on workshop trainings free of charge as a contribution to up-and-coming university students as well as others in our industry. We’re active in our communities and sponsor local groups, charities, and events. Finally, we believe in entrepreneurship. Driven by an idea for a better reality , the entrepreneur gets bruised and bloodied and beat down yet gets back in the game. That’s why we’re a corporate sponsor of, a non-profit micro-loan site for entrepreneurs, and frequently fund others using our proceeds, contributing to entrepreneurial causes around the globe.

But generosity is about so much more than these things. It could be the smile that brightens someone’s day, or the friendly note you send to someone to let them know you’re thinking about them. Whenever there’s a way to contribute a little generosity, we’ll find it.

A business with conscience. That, we believe, is the only type of business worth doing business with.

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