Response Marketing for Maximum ROI

We employ analytical, scientific advertising based upon well-proved principles and facts to drive response and deliver results. Tracking and measurement is used to deliver the best return on investment.

Industry-Leading Customer Care System

We guarantee an enjoyable experience for every client through our customer care system: extensive service, communication, and support. You'll stay informed and feel no anxiety.

1-Year Web Design Warranty Coverage

If something on your website breaks, goes missing, or becomes compromised by bugs (or worse!), you needn't fear, we'll fix it for you for free!

Some of LavaLink's core competencies.

The Leader in Creative Web Advertising and Response Marketing Services,
Advice, and Coaching for Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, and Offline Companies

We create sustainable online assets that deliver increased sales, traffic and visibility

Impeccably Professional,
Extraordinarily Effective Marketing

LavaLink is a company built around the idea that internet marketing and wordpress design should be easy, lucrative, and simple. We’ve been over-delivering for our clients for the past four years, helping them to realize a return on their investment many times over. Will you be our next success story? Find out more about who we are, the services we offer, or contact us for a consultation.

We can assist with: website conversion, marketing consulting, market research, marketing plans, unique positioning, sales propositions, strategic analysis, customer analysis, graphic design, branding, front-end design, back-end development, copywriting, search engine optimization, google maps and mobile optimization.

We creatively design and develop high-quality lead generation and marketing systems: sustainable assets that deliver a return on investment many times over.

No one in the world offers our unique array of services, expertise,
and know-how as we do for one price.

Find out more and learn how to get started.

Together, we can spark a new paradigm of entrepreneurship in the world.

We partner with to sponsor entrepreneurship.

Empowering Entrepreneurs
Around the Globe
Every day, entrepreneurial individuals in other parts of the world heroically exceed the limits imposed by the existing order and their present living conditions. Driven on by their ideas, and the desire to create better lives for themselves and those they care about.

Each of us holds the power to provide an opportunity for such an individual. Fewer efforts are nobler and more worthwhile.

That’s why: what’s good for your business is also good for the world. That’s because we use 7% of our business profits to fund micro-loans for entrepreneurial initiatives through

  • Help low-income individuals lift themselves out of poverty through micro-finance.
  • Create good in the world. A lot of good.

You’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that while you’re doing good in your business you’re also helping other entrepreneurs to actualize their dreams and improve the quality of living for their families.

Learn more about our values, and see if you share them.


Alexis Dizon
“I hired LavaLink to create my website and was more than thrilled with the final product. They listened to everything that I wanted and were able to take my vision and execute it perfectly. I highly recommend LavaLink, to anyone no matter how big their project/vision might be.”
Alexis Dizon

Kelley Munoz
“It has been a pleasure to work with Lavalink. They have revamped our website, doubled our SEO traffic, and continue to add a creative touch to our ongoing marketing needs. I can’t speak highly enough of their talents and constant innovation to our online service.”
Kelly Munoz

Charles Nguyen
“I’d like to offer a letter of support to LavaLink, who worked with the San Diego District Attorney’s Office’s Youth Advisory Board on the “4 or 40: The Choice is Yours” campaign… LavaLink has been a strong asset to “4 or 40″ and we appreciate the value they have added to the campaign.”
Charles Nguyen

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2011 Excellence Award for WordPress Design.

2011 Platinum Award for Excellence
in Advertising and Visual Communication
Presented by MS-USA