Local Search Engine OptimizationThe core concepts of search engine rankings.

  • The quickest, most reliable way to start getting local customers in your area
  • 92% of local business searches are performed on the Internet
  • 90% of internet users use search engines to find business that they plan to spend money with.
  • Local searches are non-competitive and produce a higher yield than broad, non-location based searches

Elevate your status by elevating your search rankings. Put the principles of lead-generating search engine optimization to work for your business.

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Content Creation

Content is the new currency.

Great content that’s packaged well gives higher SEO rankings and traffic, and fuels the sales process.

  • Useful content can include books, audio, videos, articles, interviews, webinars, newsletters, advice, training, even software.
  • Remarkable, useful content that improves people’s lives spreads across the web at a rapid pace, drawing links and traffic
  • Well-written content establishes your business as having the highest expertise in your industry
  • In general, you have about 4 seconds to establish that you are: sharp as tack, enthusiastic as hell, and an expert in your field.

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Marketing StrategyKnow your prospect before beginning any marketing campaign.

  • Marketing begins with understanding the needs and wants of your customers.
  • The success of your marketing is in proportion to the perceived value you create for customers.
  • Your customers don’t care about your site’s colors or menus, they’re looking for information.
  • Upselling and Re-Marketing is the most profitable sale and has the lowest customer acquisition cost.
  • Selling online is about establishing and maintaining profitable relationships.
  • Capturing web traffic as leads produces a seven to eight times higher conversion rate on average.

We’ll help you upgrade from your brochureware website to a marketing hub that produces real customers very quickly and deliver statistics than can be easily tracked through web analytics. You no longer have to waste any of your marketing budget, ensuring that you get the highest return on investment.

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Reputation Management

 According to the Marketing Experiments Journal, positive reviews about your business increase sales through your web site between 21-87% Over 92% of internet users research a business online before making a purchase.Discover your customer's hidden influencers.

Here’s the bare facts, soup to nuts:

  • Reviews are the #1 factor considered when a customer decides between Company A and Company B
  • Maintaining an active role in managing your businesses’ online reputation produces immediate ROI
  • Positive customer reviews increase customer and employee loyalty
  • Customers are willing to pay a premium price for businesses with excellent review ratings
  • Real reviews on 3rd party sites (Yelp, Google Places, Yahoo!, CitySearch, etc.) improve your business’ search ranking and carry much more credibility than made-up testimonials

Learn more about the importance of online reputation management.

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