How to integrate Facebook with WordPress

Smashing Magazine offers this article titled “How to Integrate Facebook with WordPress.” It teaches users of both Facebook and WordPress how to get the most out of their blogs. The best way possible is to learn how to use Facebook to promote the blogs on WordPress. The Facebook plug-in that is available on WordPress is the easiest way of doing it. The problem is that many users on WordPress do not know that they have the option.

Users also have the option of using the Facebook API and turning their blog into an application. This article teaches users how to use both methods and get the most out of each one. Perhaps the most difficult part of this entire tutorial is understanding and using the Facebook API to it’s potential.

Whatever the case, implementing an integrated approach with your blog and other channels such as social media is the only complete strategy to employ when conducting marketing online.

Enjoy the article from Smashing Magazine, and leave a comment in the box below if you have any questions or comments about integrating Facebook with WordPress!

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