YouTube plugin list for WordPress. lists seven plugins that can be used for those who use WordPress and would like to add YouTube videos to their blogs. Each plugin is unique in its own way. Some of them make it as easy as possible to add YouTube videos. Others add special features such as being able to add comments on the blog about the video without copying and pasting them. One is able to find relevant content on YouTube to go along with the video, and another lets the blogger keep random videos in a side bar that they can pull up and use at any time.

Some questions may arise, such as: Why do we need plugins for YouTube when we can use the embed feature? Or, why not use WordPress’ built-in video feature? And the best answer, really, is that it just depends on your tastes. When we first began working with YouTube videos it was a challenge to customize them exactly the way we wanted, such as setting the video to autoplay or sizing it to the proper dimensions.

Given how difficult in general video is as a medium to use, any attempts to create plugins to simplify many of the processes involved with using YouTube videos with WordPress should be lauded.

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