Build links to your links to get them indexed.
Build links to your links to get them indexed by search engines.

For anyone who’s tried to hire someone to build links to their website, or endeavored to do it themselves, you know what a chore it can be.

Getting links is easy, but getting them indexed by Google is not. Without your links being seen by Google then there’s no SEO value from your links at all, and your time and money has basically been wasted.

A while back I was confronted with this dilemma when it came to building links to my own sites and my client’s sites. I would spend a fairly good amount of money to have people create links for me, but found that the SEO value from them was either non-existent or in some cases even harmful.

So after having many links created for me, and noticing that they were not being indexed by Google (hence useless), I took some to really try to figure out how to get my links seen by Google.

For example, many of my invisible links were on old forum websites that have long since been inactive and were ones that Google no longer crawled very regularly (or at all).

At first, I thought that if I pinged the pages that the links existed on, that they would get picked up. But that didn’t really work at all.

So I went and read all of the information I could on forums, and grilled all the SEO experts I could about it.

And I found that the only way to give these links any value was to build links to them. That was the easiest way to get them indexed.

But then that left me with a new problem – how would I go about building lots of links to my links? Did I have to master some complicated automated linking tool, and which one should I use? Or would I have to spend more money to have other people do it for me?

Fortunately, the answer turned out to be neither. I found a very simple solution that was able to handle everything.

I found a free online tool called the IMT website submitter: <=== Here is the link.

Here’s a screen cap of what the tool looks like:

Get your links indexed quickly for SEO value.

Basically, it simplified the entire process for me. You put in your URL, the keyword that you want (completely optional and not necessary for getting your link indexed), and then set how many link pages you want created to your link. You can choose to have up to 2523 links created, or as few as 50.

You get over 1000 live links from this but they are all from whois / stats type sites so they are of no use in terms of providing a backlink boost to a website you’re trying to rank, but for the purpose of speeding up indexing, this tool is great.

You can open up multiple tabs in your browser and have numerous instances of the tool running simultaneously. It’s very quick and easy, and it can save you many headaches when it comes to getting the bulk of your links seen and indexed by Google (so that they in turn provide SEO value to your website).

It works very quickly.

This is just one technique and a nice tool to have in your arsenal, so that you get your websites better rankings and higher traffic, allowing you to expand your online empire and grow your business.

Good luck, and… onward and upward!

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