Perhaps the 700-lb gorilla of website themes is the infamous (and controversial) Template Monster.

Template Monster gives an explanation of what web design templates are, and what they are used for. This site programs and  advertising its own templates, and it goes into detail about what they are used for. They also discusses the different types of templates that can be found on a website. Like most theme and template sites, you can also click to the individual template and preview a live demo before you buy.

Professional web design templates for download.

Template Monster certainly has some experience in the world of template design, as they have been operating for years. As such, the designs are very high quality and clean. It’s also a good site to come and look for inspiration, if you’re a web designer. However, be careful of using any stock images from any websites you purchase as there have been reports that, in some occasions, the stock imagery may still be protected by copyright. You’d certainly not want to receive a cease and desist letter for someone else’s actions! This has actually happened to a web designer we know.

Final note: Template Monster specializes in web templates only and not web design.

Here’s the link to Template Monster’s website:

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