Introducing our premium high-quality linkbuilding service, LavaLink!

High quality homepage backlinks, without the hassle!

Features Include…

Improved Search Engine Rankings

The Search Engines absolutely love links, but not all links are created alike. Most search engines really love homepage links from high PageRank domains. With our service you get the best links possible, DoFollow high PageRank contextual homepage links.

High PageRank Domains

We don’t own a website with less than a PageRank of 3! With our service you’ll receive links from domains with a PageRank 3 – PageRank 7. These domains will pass along the most possible value.

Set It & Forget It Linkbuilding

After you’ve signed up and submitted the necessary information you’ll never need to lift another finger! We do all the work for you, we manually place the links for you on our highly trusted domains.

Link Diversity

We understand the importance of link diversity. That’s why we’ve created sites with diverse characteristics, TLDs (.com, .org, .net, etc), and much more.

Steady Link Growth

Unlike other link services that create thousands of low quality in a matter of hours, we build your high PageRank links over the course of 30-60 days to assure the most natural backlink profile possible.

Advanced SEO Techniques

Typically link networks are poorly designed, leaving footprints that make them extremely vulnerable to exposure. We’ve built LavaLink with leading and proven SEO strategies that account for privacy in design to assure that your links retain value, forever.

LinkBoost Technology

With our Intermediate and higher level packages we offer our LinkBoost technology. We’re continually adding new sites to our network each and every month that these members get exclusive access to.

Multiple URLs & Keywords

We know that link & anchor text diversity matters to many of you. That’s why we offer the ability to choose multiple keywords and URLs with your order!

Backlink Privacy

Privacy is our number one concern. We don’t provide full detailed link reports in order to assure that our sites always retain and pass along the most PageRank possible.

Domain Management

We don’t stop building quality backlinks to the domains in our network. This is to assure that our domains not only retain PageRank but gain additional PageRank over time!

Deep Linking

Those Professional or higher level members will receive deep links from our websites inner pages with PageRank. Passing even more link juice along to your websites.

DoFollow Backlinks

All of the links that you’ll receive from our powerful websites will be DoFollow rather than NoFollow. This assures that all of the PageRank will flow efficiently to your site.

No Contracts

With the LavaLink linkbuilding service there are zero contracts & zero setup fees. You are free to cancel anytime, with no hard feelings!

Uptime Monitor

We want to make sure that all of our sites have excellent uptime which is why we use an uptime monitor service to assure that our websites are always up.

Custom Spun Content

We make sure that the content around your links are readable and relevant to your keyword. We eliminate the crap spun content and provide excellent content that provides the most value for your anchor text links.

Much, Much More!

LavaLink doesn’t stop there, we make sure that our services provide the most value for our clients. We are constantly testing advanced SEO strategies to assure that our links provide the most value for you!

How much is this service worth?

Our goal when creating LavaLink was to make the process of ranking within the search engines as easy as possible. Over the past year we’ve spent $30,000 to create the most powerful network of sites ever opened to the public. With your membership you’ll receive exclusive access to PageRank 3 – PageRank 7 contextual homepage links.

Access to a link network of this caliber should cost thousands of dollars a month, but we’re opening our doors for a limited amount of time and may never open them again. One link from PageRank 6 sites can cost as much as $400/mo alone! With us your guaranteed that our pricing will never change for access to this extremely intimate linkbuilding service.

There has never been an easier way to get rankings in the search engines, and LavaLink will help you do it quickly, easily and affordably.

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