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Increase your energy and focus!

Your inner game is the greatest leverage to your success in business and in life. Your ability to follow through and realize your goals depends on whether or not you have enough energy to accomplish them in the first place! So here’s how to improve your energy, so that you can feel great and start to really crank out the moolah!

Don’t believe me? Read over these five awesome techniques to increase your energy level and improve your focus, and then you be the judge:

1. Anthony Robbins, in Volume 9 of his Personal Power II series, talks about actively employing the power of breath to drastically increase your energy level. He explains the importance of your lymphatic system and how it serves as a disposal system for removing toxins from your body. And here was the breathing system that he discovered to actively engage your lymph, thereby improving your overall energy:

Breathe in for a certain number of seconds, hold your breath for four times that length, and then finally exhale at a length of two times your inhalation.

So for example, if you inhale for six seconds, then you’ll need to hold your breath for 24 seconds, and then exhale for twelve. He recommends doing ten sets of this exercise, at three intervals throughout your day.

We’ve been using Mr Robbin’s breathing techniques for over six months now and it’s proven to be an amazing technique to increasing our energy, calming the mind, developing laser-like focus, concentration, and productivity.

2. Richard Branson, during a Summit at Sea interview (http://sea.summitseries.com/) with marketing impresario Joe Polish, was asked what he thought was the best way to improve productivity and personal performance. He thought about it for a moment, and his answer was simple: “Work out.”

Perhaps the single greatest way to improve your mental performance and increase your level of energy is to improve your physical activity.

But what about all of the resistance you face from your own self when you try to self-motivate to work out? If you create “rituals” for yourself that you must adhere to every day – ideally in the morning – you will increase your ability to commit to working out.

Take your business to the next level by building your energy.

Dr. Robert Cialdini, in his book “Influence” reveals in the chapter on “Commitment and Consistency” that the mere act of writing a goal down increases your level of commitment to it. Brian Tracy, perhaps one of the best performance and motivation coaches alive, advocates this concept as well. Motivate yourself to work out by creating “rituals,” write them down, and increase your energy ten-fold.

Not only is it great to work out in the morning before you begin work, but I’ve also had great results when I take breaks throughout the day to do smaller periods of exercise. It kick-starts my mind back into focus and boosts energy level and productivity all over again.

3. Take a 20-30 minute nap in the early afternoon. Winston Churchill was a famous proponent of this concept. He often told folks that his daily nap was the key reason why he was able to make it through the war.

And you know EXACTLY how you feel when 2:30PM rolls around… or 3:30. Fight back by taking a 30-min snooze when your body starts to feel tired, and regain your energy so that you can finish strong.

4. What you put into your body is SO important – and the best diet for increasing your levels of energy radically is as close to raw and organic as possible. Robbins says that 70% of your diet should include water-rich foods: fruits, vegetables, and sprouts.

Water-rich foods keep your blood cells from clotting together and allow them to move about freely, thereby increasing your energy and improving how you feel.

Personally, I’ve begun drinking a shake every morning from only the best ingredients and its had an amazing effect on my level of energy. If you’re interested and want to try it for yourself, the ingredients are:

1 tablespoon of each of the following

Berry Green Whole Foods by New Chapter


SAMBAZON Organic Freeze-Dried Acai Powder


Manitoba Harvest Organic Shelled Hemp Seed


100% Natural Organic Flax Pre-ground Cold Milled Golden Flax Seed


Organic Rice Protein Plain


1 Cup of Organic Frozen Blueberries

1/2 – 1 Cup of Mixed Berry Fruits

1 cup of Vanilla Almond Milk (lower calorie kind, forget brand name but get it at Trader Joes)

1 Banana

Mix of random fruits that are around, sometimes fresh strawberries, blackberries, etc.

5. Finally, one of the main reasons why you may feel tired in the morning is due to a low blood-sugar level upon waking up. Tim Ferriss, the author of the 4 Hour Body, explains that the way to counteract this by eating two tablespoons of almond butter before bed time.

Any one of these proven methods is sure to increase your energy, help you to optimize your life, fulfill your goals, and take your business to the next level. But if you apply all of them… there’s no telling how far you’ll be able to take your energy and focus!

Do you have any suggestions for increasing energy that I haven’t listed in this post? Leave me a comment and let me know 😉

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