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No business is too small to participate in online marketing.

Want proof? Here’s a concept to try on for size: online business directories.

One of the easiest ways to get your business listed everywhere that it should be on the internet is by registering on different business directory sites. Any company that exists in the real world can participate.

These business directories provide valuable information to prospects interested in your business, and are a quality source for building links to your website to support your search marketing efforts.
Online directories can help your Google ranking.

Business directory listings make a BIG difference in how well you place with Google Maps as well, as Google uses these “citations” to determine the legitimacy of a business.

Right here in this blog post are many clickable links and will take you to the necessary web pages where you can begin to create accounts and add your business profiles. For directories without links listed, simply do a Google search and you will find the directory.

Take your time and complete one listing at a time. Follow the directions listed on each website. Make sure all of the information matches – an error in a phone number or address, for instance, can hurt your web presence and make it more difficult for interested leads to make contact with you.

It may take some time to complete all the listings, but it is time well spent. One way you can complete the process faster is by keeping a log with all of your basic information in a Notepad or Word document that many of the directories commonly request so you can quickly copy and paste into the required fields.

29 Local Business Directories

1. 6Qube Directory

This site provides many options to help improve your web presence, including website creation and SEO services.


This directory is targeted at the construction industry. Enter your profile if this relates to you.


See the “Add a New Listing” link to create a listing for your business.

4. Best of the Web

This is the link – product.aspxto enter a free business listing.

5. BizHWY

Click on: to add a free business profile. You will also be able to create a map with this listing.

6. BizJournals

After you register and create an account, click here: to add your profile.


This is the free directory that anyone can edit. See the “Add a business” in the top right to enter your listing.


Find the category your business is in. Then, locate the state link and your city/town link. The “Submit Listing” link can be found in the top right of the page.

9. GenieKnows

See the “Add Business” link in the top right section of the site.


Follow the “Post Listing” link in the top right. This listing lasts only 90 days, so visit later to re-enter your profile.


Follow the “Add A Free Listing” link in the top right of the site.


Click on the “Add your business now” button to enter your business profile.


See the “Submit a Listing” in the navigation bar. This site will list your business’s hours of operation.


See the “Submit a Listing” in the navigation bar. This is the twin site of and essentially gives the same info.


Find the “Update My Listing” link at the footer of the page. Click on it and add your business profile on this page. Your profile can take up to 60 days to become active. 85% of online directory searches and 90% of in-car GPS navigation is powered by the infoUSA giant, so take extra care to get this one right.

16. Jadyn Ave

See the “Add New Business” button on the right side of the site to add your free
business listing.

17. JustClickLocal

Go to the footer of the site and click the “Add Your Business” link. Enter your profile on this page.


Follow the “Submit Site” link to add a new business profile.

19. LocalDatabase

The add business links are found in the footer of this web page.


Click on and find the link under the “Free Business Listing”.

21. LocalRollCall

Click on to add your business profile. You CAN upload photos and coupons, enter contact data, descriptions and much more.


Is your business college related? You can create a Lymabean social network account. Listings that do not cater to college activities will be deleted.

23. Matchpoint

Click to enter a free Matchpoint Business Center account.

24. Merchant Circle

Enter your primary business phone number under the “Free Online Advertising” banner and enter your free local business profile. This directory has been around awhile and has a great reputation.

25. NitPickIt Local Business Listings

Follow the “Add URL” link below the states drop down list, and then follow the prompts.


Go to the “Submit” link in the top right of the site. News and conversations in over 35,000 cities, towns and neighborhoods are found here. A Great resource when doing special promotions or activities.

27. Qxiu Business Directory

See the “Submit Business” link on the top right of the site.


Follow this link and click the “Edit or Enhance Your Free Listing” link.

29. Town USA

Click on to add your free business profile. Enter your business name, phone number and address. You will be provided with an interactive map displaying your business location. Only listings for businesses with walk-in traffic to a legitimate US address address and phone number will be accepted.

So there you have it. 29 online local business directories that you should list your business in ASAP! If you can’t find the time, you ought to outsource the task to someone, because being properly listed online is a BIG factor in whether or not prospects seeking you out will find you!

All businesses, whether they are in WordPress design, solar contractors, locksmiths, or plumbers can benefit immensely from this list if they take the time to adequately fill out each directory listing.

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