Fears and frustrations of small businesses in online marketing.

There are 29.6 million small businesses in the United States. Over 50% of America’s economy is fueled by these little shops.

More than HALF of this country’s economy is fueled by small businesses like your barber, your dry cleaner, your pet shop owner. So you, as an entrepreneur in this type of business environment, would do well to understand the challenges and aspirations of small business folk today.

14 Fears and Frustrations of Small Business Owners

  1. They are losing customers. The phone just isn’t ringing like it used to. The shop is empty more often than not.
  2. The internet is confusing as all hell. More than half of the small business owners who register a domain on the web with a company like GoDaddy leave it empty or “parked,” as they get frustrated with the whole process and give up.
  3. They know how to use internet technology like search engines like Google, but don’t know how to “use” search engines to build their businesses
  4. The information that’s out there is misleading and often comes from unreliable sources.
  5. It’s very difficult for a small business owner to establish credibility of so-called internet marketing “experts” as they are a dime a dozen today.
  6. Other small business owners are spending money on online marketing, either through themselves or through an agent, but not getting much (if any) results.
  7. Technology is frustrating. Many small business owners don’t know the advantages of say, the Firefox browser vs. Internet Explorer.
  8. They don’t understand the lingo. Ask them what their “highest converting keyword phrases” are and you’ll most likely get a blank look.
  9. Many small business owners are already working 80 hours a week and have no time to invest in new marketing channels.
  10. For some industries, there’s a feeling of falling behind constantly the times (public relations as example), or having the rug swept out from under your business all together (such as travel agents).
  11. The vast majority of small business owners exert their entire energy on running their business; they are specialists. For those who’ve read “E-Myths” by Michael Gerber, you understand the difference between a specialist and an entrepreneur. If you haven’t read that book yet you ought to.
  12. To add to the last point, many small business owners simply survive by word of mouth, foot traffic, and an occasional hit from old-school advertising, like the Yellow Pages. There’s no marketing system or process that routinely brings in a steady stream of customers.
  13. Many small business owners take pride in their work, in the fact that they do everything themselves. They may be the best in their particular industry. But simply being the best carpet cleaner, or the best electrician doesn’t equate to sales. Money-making is made with marketing, but most small business owners would rather do anything but.
  14. Balancing work and a personal life is an unending challenge for anyone who runs a business. …

Do you know anything else not listed here that small businesses are concerned about or want to see happen?

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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