Freelancers: How to Land the Close

On September 20, 2011, in Business Advice, by LavaLink

Close more deals and land more business. Your objective when selling marketing or WordPress design services is to get the close, and have the prospect agree to become your client. There are six key milestones take place on the path to the close: 1. Sell Yourself 2. Sell Your Company 3. Probe 4. Sell the […]

For Your Eyes Only: The Truth About Content

On August 28, 2011, in Marketing, by LavaLink

“Content is King!” wrote Bill Gates back in 1996, an entire millennium ago. Why is content so important? Well, if you’re a business owner or a sole proprietor, one of the best ways to advance yourself in your career, without having huge amounts of capital and seven hundred employees, is to turn your knowledge into […]

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