San Diego’s Happiest and Most Successful Business Owners Choose LavaLink to Host their Websites. Here’s Why…

Fed up with the big hosting companies?

We were too.

We can still remember the frustration and annoyance we felt when we were put on hold for forty-five minutes while trying to contact our hosting company because our site went down.

We waited and waited… but guess what? The rep we talked to wasn’t even with the same company, it was just an outsourced customer service call to a third party.

So there we were, on the phone with rep who couldn’t even speak for the “company” that she supposedly represented. So after talking to her ANOTHER forty-five minutes – and generally wasting time – we would be right back at square one.

Our search for a solution

So finally, after the server was down for three weeks, we decided enough was enough, and went with yet ANOTHER hosting company. But we quickly found that the new host wasn’t much better, and we still had to deal with same frustrating experience…

…Dealing with a hosting company that would randomly crash for extended periods of time, taking our website down with it, and driving business away.

…Dealing with software and technology that was out-of-date.

…Dealing with a company that couldn’t care less about the success or well-being of its customers.

…Dealing with a company that generally made our lives more difficult, more frantic, and more stressful, keeping us from doing important things – like running our business!

We made a commitment shortly after that horrifying experience that we would find a better way… or create one if we had to.

More than anything else, we never wanted to have that same experience repeat itself over and over again.

That search for a solution became LavaLink Hosting.

A boutique hosting company specially tailored to our clients and their individual needs.

Customers of LavaLink Hosting are assured a level of customer service and satisfaction well above and beyond what large corporate hosting companies can provide – because we’re lean and local.

Imagine the convenience that comes from knowing you can contact your host directly on their cell phone – it’s a dream come true for any Webmaster.

Is your current webhost not cutting it? You should quickly rush to join the good side of the force 😉

…Because saving two or three bucks just isn’t worth the stress, frustration, and headaches.

…Because you have more important things to be doing. Like RUNNING your business.

…Because life is TOO short, to have things done any other way than right the first time.

You won’t be put on hold for an hour to chat with some dork in Utah.

At LavaLink, we get it.

Because we were once in your shoes.

Today… it’s little secret that San Diego’s happiest and most prominent business owners – doctors, therapists, contractors, boutique owners, and more – choose LavaLink to manage their websites.

Please see the graphic below to review the right plan for you. If you have any questions please contact us.

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