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Thanks for coming to the SEO Workshop:

“How to Dominate Search Engines and Make Money” at SDSU.

Here is the download link to your free gift. (Windows users right-click and choose “Save Target as.”)

Once you’ve downloaded them, you can upload the zipped file directly into a self-hosted WordPress site.

These five plugins will give you a head start to building a powerful SEO-optimized website using WordPress. Included are…

  • All-in-one SEO pack
  • SEO smart links
  • SEO smart slugs
  • SEO Power

Also, if you’re willing to take a couple of minutes and write me a recommendation or a testimonial about the workshop, I have an additional offer for you.

And as soon as you submit it to me, I’ll send you info about how to download the themes.

…You’ll be glad you did.

Thanks, and I’ll talk to you soon.

Danny Flood
WordPress Design Trainer

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