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Lights musician's new website is beautifully designed on WordPress.
Lights Valerie Poxleitner is a Canadian electro-rock artist that burst onto the electronic music scene in 2008 when “Drive My Soul” peaked at #18 in the Canadian Hot 100 in 2008. Since then this talented lady has been signed by Warner Brothers, played many venues in both the US and Canada, and developed a large following online.

What makes this a great WordPress site?

First, the website does a great job of using WordPress as a hub for Lights’ fans where they can access all of her music, tour, and news. The interface is clean and intuitive, and the site as a whole is easy to navigate. One shortcoming, from a development standpoint, of Lights’ website is that the online shop is not integrated into WordPress. E-commerce has never been easy to implement in WordPress, and many folks scowl at the concept, but it can be done.

From a design standpoint, the website does a masterful job of deploying many key design concepts such as: minimalism, contrast, the Von Restorff effect, and dynamic, intentional imagery.

The de-saturated black and white adds a strong mood to the site that would be lost if the designers went overboard with color. Color is selectively employed with taste – and only for the content. The headers are a bright red (drawing the eye to the content) and the photo and video galleries are in full color, which makes them dynamic when contrasted against the de-saturation of the site. This provides a key design lesson: use the medium to deliver the content efficiently; never a medium that distracts or takes away from the content. The designers of Lights’ website understand this and they pulled it off masterfully.

By highlighting the content through color, the site makes the content more engaging.

The large scale of the main background image of the musician is a technique that is often used with musicians and authors. Lights’ photo is the focal point, her likeness is the first thing a visitor’s eye is drawn to upon arriving on the site. The lesson is simple: fans are more interested in finding out about the musician or the author then they are in the individual songs or books.

The site contains lots of content, but it’s not cluttered and offers an abundance of negative space to make the viewer feel at ease. The left-to-right alignment of the pages make the site easy to read and further enhance the overall effectiveness of the site.

The net result is a WordPress site that is sleek, sexy, and sophisticated.

Our rating: 8.9 out of 10 stars.

Check out Lights’ new WordPress website at:

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