All about web design's role in marketing.

Xemion offers an good basic explanation of what a website designer does. In their article “Web Designers Are Not Necessarily Marketers” the site explains why designing a gorgeous website does not necessarily provide a marketing return. The article discusses that while a nice page is great because consumers want something that flatters the eye that does not mean they will buy. It is up to the client and agency to come up with a marketing strategy that will address what that business is and what it can do for the customer. Also, the website may be nice, but unless it is filled with meaningful content it is still empty.

Great design is all about enhancing whatever it is you’re trying to do, and making it better. Clear, striking visual communication is what one should be after.

Remember the 3 pieces of the marketing triangle: Market, Message, and Media. Great design is the vessel that helps deliver your message using the right media to the correct market. When all these are aligned properly, you will be successful.

Incidentally, we also wrote a blog post on the topic of how to improve your website’s design to increase conversion – called “7 Ways to Improve your Website’s Design.”

When great design is aligned with proper marketing research, marketing strategy, and sound implementation, one can’t help but be successful.

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