WordPress has a theme showcase that allows users to see some of the best themes available to choose from. They can also sort through the themes by more specific qualifications. The theme showcase changes to allow different themes to get some recognition. They also let the user know which themes are the most popular at the moment, and which ones were recently added. There is also an area for users to customize a theme any way that they would prefer, through the theme previews.

Some themes are free for the WordPress community and some premium ones are paid. Here’s just a few of our latest favorites:

Autofocus theme
Autofocus theme for WordPress.

Currents theme
Currents theme for WordPress.

Anthem theme
Anthem theme for WordPress.

Tapestry theme
Tapestry theme for WordPress.

React theme
React theme for WordPress.

On Demand theme
On Demand theme for WordPress.

We’re constantly amazed by the high quality of work that theme designers are continually producing! It just keeps getting better and better.

Do you have any questions about theme customization? Drop us a note in the comment box below.

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